Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Festivals For Fun

    The increasing popularity of festivals throughout the world over the last ten years is a sign not only that girls just wanna have fun, Cyndi but everyone wants to have fun so i thought I would do a post on the subject of festivals and use some of my photos from a few festivals around the Sunshine Coast recently. Enjoy!

   The Burning Man event which has been described as an annual celebration of radical self-expression' this year had a 'Metropolis' theme.

This year's festival included more than 199 registered art works.Burning Man began in 1991 and culminates in the burning of a 40ft high wooden man

  For one week out of the year, a portion of the desert is transformed into a thriving diverse city known as Black Rock City.The event traditionally starts on the Sunday before and ends on the day of American Labor Day.
Revellers this year are were warned to be on the look out for undercover female cops posing in revealing outfits.The annual week long self-expression festival is notorious for nudity, quirky costumes and drugs.

Ginger Festival

    The Dutch city of Breda celebrated the fifth annual red-hair day.
Despite being the butt of many jokes, the town celebrated being ginger as thousands from around the world gathered for the two-day festival.
The event featured individual photoshoots, a fashion show, lectures about ginger hair and music.
The main criteria of attending the free two-day festival is that you have natural red hair.
   The festival was created in 2005 when Dutch painter Bart Rouwenhorst advertised for 15 redhead models and received 150 replies.
Ginger Factory
Julia Gillard
Last year saw more than 4000 red heads attend.

Ginger bread man was taken at the Ginger Factory Yandina Sunshine Coast Queensland maybe they should run a reciprocal festival and invite our Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Festivals in Australia Recently
Here are some images taken from these events,enjoy
Camel Rides Yacht Races
Sand Sculpture Redcliffe

Festival of Sails Redcliffe

Medievel Festival 

Monster in the Lego comp

Medievel Jugglers

Body Art festival
Medievel Battles

Medievel Festival

Jousting Medievel
Beautiful Body Art
Buddha Ceremonial Area
Sword Battle

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love festivals - we found some great bands creating new music @ laneway!