Friday, October 15, 2010

Dolphin's Cove of Death

       Japan’s annual slaughter and sale of thousands of dolphins, in the waters off Taiji has began.The gruesome spectacle of dolphins being slaughtered for profit has returned to Taiji.
In a typical hunt the fishermen pursue pods of dolphins across open seas, banging metal poles together beneath the water to confuse their sonars. The animals are driven into a large cove sealed off by nets and herded into secluded inlets to be butchered with knives and spears. They are then loaded on to boats and taken to the quayside to be cut up in a warehouse, the fishermen's work hidden from the outside by heavy shutters.
Dolphin Kill

A deeper knowledge and further information about dolphins is definitively the first step towards better conservation and understanding of these wonderful mammals.They have so many unique characteristics and just recently the bubble ring blowing is another loving gesture from the king of the sea.They are such an endearing part of nature.A gift!
There is a large number of accounts about dolphins helping people since the ancient Greeks.Protecting people in the ocean from the attack of sharks.Leading fisherman back home through thick fog.Alot of us would remember Flipper on our TV screens in the sixties.This maybe taking it a little far but they are a gentle animal and one we should respect and protect.

Dolphin and their Halo's


 Feeding Rainbow Beach

Flipper Theme

Everyone loves the king of the sea,
Ever so kind and gentle is he,
Tricks he will do when children appear,
And how they laugh when he's near

     Japan is called the “Land of the Rising Sun”

  It is known for leading the world in innovation and technology, for  moving forward into the future and for  blazing the way with new trends and ideas.
Japan is also a land of tradition proud of its ancient cultural background. Sometimes, it holds on to ancient traditions and customs, which seem to contradict the country’s efforts to lead the way into the future. It is this blend of the old and new which makes Japan the interesting and intriguing place it is today.
Unfortunately, some of Japan’s ancient traditions are still being practiced .The dolphin slaughter is a tradition that should cease.
        The small town of Taiji  is a place of picturesque beauty and hidden horrors. Taiji could easily be viewed as just another quaint, historic Japanese village. However, this is not the case.At the beginning of September every year dolphins and small whales are corralled by fisherman and slaughtered in the coves of Taiji .
      Hundreds of dolphins are killed  between September and March. Fishermen slay the dolphins by driving a pin into their necks, by slashing their throats with knives or by spearing them with long harpoons from their boats. In addition, members of the international dolphin display industry attend these dolphin slaughters to purchase show-quality dolphins for use in captive dolphin shows and dolphin swim programs then the dolphins not selected are slaughtered. This is the largest scale dolphin slaughter in the world and unfortunately very few know it even takes place.

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